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There has been a spotlight on Indonesia in recent years due to the country’s recognised potential for economic growth. The development of Indonesia’s Information and Communication Technology (ICT) infrastructure is a major driver of this continued expansion. Across the country, use of Internet, particularly social media on mobile devices, continues to increase rapidly; it is estimated 96% of Indonesians use social media, far more than the percentage that read newspapers or listen to the radio and more than any other country on Earth.

This report identifies Indonesian youths’ views on and outlook for the opportunities currently provided by ICT; focusing in particular on how this generation believes digital technology will help them achieve their future ambitions across work, education and social spheres.

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  • His Excellency Sheikh Abdullah Bin Mohammed Bin Saud Al-Thani

    Chairman Ooredoo Group
    Young people continue to inspire me. They bring the promise of a better future with their aspirations, hopes and ambitions as they look to improve their lives as well as those of their families and loved ones. I firmly believe that Indonesia’s young people need to be motivated and given the life chances to learn and find purpose in their lives. Our vision for Human Growth is therefore very personal, recognising that communications can transform lives by empowering Indonesia’s young people to discover their full economic and social potential. This research into Indonesia’s digital generation sheds more light on how we might be able to do this. Indonesia’s young people are not only the customers of the future, but the next generation of great minds, who will change their society and challenge us to do better. I invite you to review this research as a valuable insight to what young people in Indonesia need and want. New Horizons captures the voices of an optimistic generation and offers insights to how we may deliver a pathway to a brighter future.
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  • Alexander Rusli

    President Director & CEO, Indosat
    As a cornerstone of Indonesia’s national development, the ICT sector continues to penetrate the daily lives of Indonesian citizens with the number of online users almost reaching 75 million in 2013, however, approximately two thirds of the country still lacks Internet access. And as Indonesia works towards a pre-stated target of 50% Internet literacy by 2015, it is imperative that both the industry and the Indonesian government take collaborative steps to address this gap and bring more Indonesians online.

    Ooredoo’s report clearly demonstrates that there is huge potential for the Indonesian people, particularly amongst our youth, and that this is closely tied to connectivity to the Internet and access to a whole new borderless world of opportunity.

    The research demonstrates that those who are already connected, Indonesia’s rapidly growing population of netizens, are highly aspiring and harness digital technology as they endeavour to achieve their future ambitions for work, education and in social connectivity. Interestingly, around 70% of these Indonesian netizens are using a mobile phone to access the Internet. This reinforces the critical role mobile operators have in helping bring affordable online access to the Indonesian people.

    There is some interesting comparative analysis in the report of the online experiences of rural and urban citizens, a particularly crucial area for development as geographical signal coverage was cited in the report as a barrier to connectivity. As Indonesia’s sprawling archipelago means many of our citizens are based in remote or far flung areas, it is crucial that we enable affordable access for all and ensure the associated benefits of connectivity are not restricted to those in urban or built up areas.

    I believe there are heartening levels of optimism among Indonesia’s youth and as we continue to work to propel our economy to the next level, we must work to empower our citizens and help Indonesia to harness the Internet’s transformative powers in order to reach its full potential.
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  • Dr. Setyanto P. Santosa

    Chief of Indonesian Information and Communication Technology Association
    With a population of 240 million people, Indonesia continues to grow at a fast pace, driven by a young population eager to use technology. At Indosat, we believe that technology and access to mobile and Internet services will help younger generations advance to a more prosperous and enriching future. This research illustrates that the Indonesian youth believes in the opportunities that better mobile and Internet services can provide, particularly with regards to broadening their horizons to other cultures, new business ventures and alternative career paths.

    It has also highlighted areas where ICT services still require significant improvement. Value for money and greater reach are key to being able to provide digital technology on an equal footing in a country as large and spread-out as Indonesia. Basic infrastructure needs to come first in order to achieve this.

    Indosat is committed to bettering the lives of our customers through technological advancements. The findings in this report have helped lay the foundation for ways in which we can work together with the government and other organisations to deliver on that promise.
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