New Horizons

Quick Stats

  • 10,642 youths (18-30 years old) participated in this research with 3,488 completing our full questionnaire
  • 5,725 youths from North Africa: Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya and Egypt participated
  • 2,900 youths from Levant: Jordan, Palestine (PAA), Syria, Lebanon and Iraq participated
  • 2,017 youths from the Arabian Peninsula: Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, UAE, Oman and Yemen participated

Quick Stats

  • 80% of youths in MENA are optimistic about their future in the coming 12 months
  • 45% of the youths workforce in MENA are not doing the work they would like to do
  • 20% of youths in MENA live in households where they don't have enough money for basic needs

Quick Stats

  • 96% of youths in GCC consider their electricity supply to be good, compared to 85% in North Africa and 62% in Levant
  • 7 in 10 youths consider the speed of the Internet as the primary consideration when selecting a provider
  • 6 in 10 youths in MENA claim a slow Internet connection has the biggest impact upon spending more time online

Quick Stats

  • 47% of youths across MENA accessing the Internet have a smartphone
  • 75% of youths accessing the Internet are doing so at home
  • 4 times as many youths want to be using a tablet in 12 months time compared to now

Quick Stats

  • 91% of youths across MENA believe technology is the basis of a modern, forward-thinking & functioning society
  • 9 in 10 youths across MENA believe technology opens up communication channels to promote peace & understanding
  • 18% of time online by MENA youths is spent communicating with others

Quick Stats

  • > 8 in 10 youths across MENA believe the Internet allows them to continue their education beyond what is possible in their country
  • 91% of youths across MENA believe the Internet and technology encourages them to be more entrepreneurial
  • 51% of youths claim 'knowing how to fully utilise technology for business' is both important but difficult
  • 66% of youths across MENA believe the Internet can help them source funding to start a business

New Horizons

Young, Arab and Connected

An Ooredoo survey of digital attitudes &
aspirations across the Middle East & North Africa.

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  • Delivering an Optimistic Future

    The Middle East and North Africa includes some of the world’s wealthiest countries per capita and others facing significant political change and social upheaval. Our research explores the strong sense of optimism that unites youth across the region.

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  • The Impact of Infrastructure

    Clear infrastructure disparities exist across the region with some countries enjoying good access while others struggle with the more basic requirement of a dependable supply of electricity. Our research explores what the younger generation want.

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  • The Use of Technology

    The emergence of technology is driving shifts in usage and viewing patterns. Our research highlights key influences among youth around the region.

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  • Broadening Horizons

    Technology is having a significant impact on digitally connected youth across the region. It is no longer seen as another form or entertainment but as the basis of a modern, forward-thinking & functioning society, promoting peace and prosperity.

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  • Empowered by Technology

    Technology can provide increased opportunities for young people to find and secure employment. It can also help them to become an entrepreneur and start up their own business. With employment remaining a challenge across the region, our research reviews the opportunities that technology provides and the barriers that challenge them.

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  • Addressing the Gender Balance

    How do women use the internet and how does this compare with men? Our research highlights the role that technology can be as a social and economic catalyst for empowering women and their communities around the region.

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